Who we are

 Healing is our Nature

For many years, Atrium Innovations has pioneered natural therapeutics dedicated to your holistic approach to individualized healing. Our expansive, science-based product lines, rigorous manufacturing processes, and unrivaled education programs are all designed to help you improve your clients� health today and for years to come.

Exceptional quality, consistency and reliability

Genestra Brands supplements support individualized treatment plans with a 350+ professional-grade products offering in a variety of formats, proven safe, effective and reliable for over 30 years, backed by clinical or traditional evidence.

It’s what’s inside that counts

Pure Encapsulations offers clean, pure, cutting-edge professional-grade products that are made with purpose, backed by science, FREE FROM common allergens and without unnecessary additives as a partner in the pursuit of optimal personal wellness for over 30 years.

Unlock the potential of healthier living

For over 65 years, Douglas Laboratories has been providing innovative, science-based nutritional supplements to help healthcare professionals and their patients push their potential to live healthier, today and in the future.

Leaders in Homeopathy for over 50 years

Established over half a century ago in Belgium, UNDA is renowned for manufacturing exceptional homeopathic products that use only pure materials and herbs that are biodynamically grown or wildcrafted.

Keep on moving

Wobenzym is a natural enzyme formulation that has the power to help your body maintain a healthy inflammation response so it is better equipped to address occasional muscle soreness, strain and other issues following exertion. Developed by leading scientists and backed by published clinical research wobenzym systemic enzyme therapies have been trusted by healthcare practitioners worldwide for more than 60 years. 

Power Peak Performance

Klean Athlete provides a clean and comprehensive line of NSF Certified for Sport nutritional supplements that harness the science of sports nutrition to help athletes live and perform at their best every day.