Program Types

Education is a lifelong journey

Welcome to Atrium Innovations Education for physicians and other healthcare professionals. Our live programming, including evening and one-day intensives, webinars and audio programs, are education tools that enable healthcare professionals to come together throughout North America in the pursuit of lifelong learning in a manner that is interactive, accessible and affordable. Inspiring physicians and other healthcare professionals for almost 30 years, our education programs are a springboard of bold, innovative ideas and solidified learning. This is where extraordinary people join forces to advance their academic and clinical knowledge and skills with unrelenting passion and dedication.

With a solidified foundation and heritage that respects the laws of nature and the advances of evidence-based learning, advancing patient care and support is synonymous with Atrium Innovations programs’ standards of excellence with an ultimate goal to help healthcare practitioners and elevate patient care.

Begin the journey today and take the first step towards learning from internationally-recognized experts in both natural medicine and nutrition science.

One Day and Evening Intensives

Our One Day and Evening Intensives are rich in clinical pearls from over 20 years of experience in clinical practice. They are designed to provide extensive academic and clinical experience, and solidified reference materials to expand your therapeutic capabilities and help support your practice.

Teleconference Series

Our live Teleconference Series are key learning tools enabling physicians and other healthcare professionals to join forces for peer-to-peer discussion on patient assessment, evaluation and case management. Join our community from the convenience of your home or office.


Webinars enable Atrium Innovations education to come to the homes and offices of physicians and other healthcare professionals, helping to make the life-long journey of learning both accessible and convenient.


Intensives, teleconferences and webinars are for educational purposes only and are intended for licensed health care practitioners. These therapies are not substitutions for standard medical care. 

Practitioners are solely responsible for the care and treatment provided to their own patients. The information provided by speakers in this educational program, together with any written material, do not necessarily represent the view of Atrium Innovations and are not intended as medical advice.