Practitioner Support

Education is a lifelong journey

Atrium Innovations' Education’s live programming provides opportunities for physicians and other healthcare professionals to maintain skills, increase knowledge and competence, and improve performance via courses and one-day intensives, webinars and audio programs.

Our events are built on a reputation of providing the highest standards of evidence and academic based teaching and innovation. Our programs provide the tools to enable healthcare professionals to come together throughout North America in the pursuit of lifelong learning in a manner that is interactive, accessible and affordable.

Dedicated to making a difference in peoples’ lives

Atrium Innovations is a natural pharmaceutical company, dedicated for 30 years to assisting healthcare practitioners restore, rebuild and maintain patient health.

Atrium Innovations is proud to support physicians and other healthcare professionals across North America. As partners in the health care system, we are committed to support the efforts of advancement, innovation, education and clinical excellence in patient centered care.

With public demand and a growing interest in natural medicine, collaboration between naturopathic medicine and various healthcare partners and institutions is crucial to the successful and continued growth of this profession.

Consultation and Service

For over 20 years, Atrium Innovations has been providing high-value medical counsel and support at no cost to the healthcare professional. We appreciate that supporting physicians and other healthcare professionals to deliver outstanding service to their most valuable asset - patients - is crucial to growing a practice.

Our team of Medical Advisors consists of practicing Naturopathic Physicians dedicated to sharing their expertise and scientific knowledge.

Our in-house Medical Advisor team is available Monday to Thursday for unbiased, peer-to-peer consultations and for the following services:

  • Assist physicians and other healthcare professionals with case management/therapeutic recommendations based on information provided through the "Consult with an Advisor" button (submission form, coming soon)
  • Clarify and answer questions on practical application of therapies and skills learned through our Education programs
  • Provide in-depth scientific and clinical information on various therapies, sharing clinical experience and expertise
  • Support healthcare practitioners in their ability to incorporate Atrium Innovations education into new or already existing treatment protocols
  • Assist newly graduated physicians and other healthcare professionals to take advantage of our Graduate Start-up Package

Take advantage of the services of our Medical Advisor Department today!


Practitioners are solely responsible for the care and treatment provided to their own patients. The information provided by speakers in this educational program, together with any written material, do not necessarily represent the view of Atrium Innovations and are not intended as medical advice.