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Specialty Formulas for a Variety of Needs


Research and Development

For a Healthy Future

The Genestra Brands line is built upon a research-driven, evidence-based scientific foundation, as well as traditional use. A distinguished advisory team and group of partners, including independent researchers at academic institutions, medical schools and hospitals, help create these unique, efficacious and stable natural products. This research and development team has expertise ranging from microbiology and immunology to nutritional science with major thrusts on the role of human microflora, the development of natural plant compounds that support microbial balance and the role of fatty acids. Having been subjected to peer-reviewed and PubMed listed publications ranging from preclinical investigations and review papers to controlled human clinical trials, these products reflect the latest evidence-based research in order to support practitioner-aligned objectives.

Genestra Brands is also part of a collective scientific group that participates in academic research evaluating the safety and efficacy of dietary supplements through direct funding, as well as through material transfers. Currently, this partnership is formally engaged in 19 such trials throughout the world, with other proposals under review. Areas of research include alpha lipoic acid in neurology, omega-3 fatty acids in psychiatry and zinc in skin health. Institutional collaborations include the Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, Michigan State University, Oregon Health & Science University and University Hospital Munich-Großhadern.

The Genestra Brands scientific team and its collective partnership also hold leadership positions in numerous industry organizations, including the American Society for Nutrition, the Council for Responsible Nutrition, European Responsible Nutrition Alliance, International Alliance of Dietary Supplements Associations and others. This collective group also recently launched a research and education platform called the Institute for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (INAF) program, whose combined 500+ scientists, associate researchers and assistants are dedicated to exploring the complex interactions between foods, food components, nutrition and health. Collaborative efforts will help develop further expertise in seven key areas including GI health and women’s health.

To continue advancing the state of knowledge of the microbiome’s role in human health, while educating naturopathic students and practitioners alike, Genestra Brands is proud to sponsor the first-ever Genestra HMF Microbiome Researcher-in-Residence position at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM). Over the course of three years, the Researcher-in-Residence will be responsible for developing, conducting and sharing clinical research aimed at understanding the impact of the microbiome on human health. This investment is a significant stride in understanding the many complexities of the microbiome and its effect on the body, and allows Genestra Brands to continue delivering condition-specific, high-quality probiotics that reflect the latest advancements in the field of probiotics.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Ensuring Safety Through the Commitment to Strict Process Adherence

We ensure excellence through heavy investment and commitment to stringent Quality Assurance. Genestra Brands goes above and beyond to ensure the highest-quality products, imposing rigorous manufacturing standards from start to finish. From the raw materials used for manufacturing to preparation, bottling and storage, the Genestra Brands Quality Assurance team ensures stringent process adherence. All Genestra Brands products are compliant with FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) and Health Canada Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements. We are also NSF certified. Facilities hold various International Organization for Standardization (ISO) accreditations – global manufacturing standards that ensure quality, environmental friendliness, safety and reliability.

Other accreditations include:

  • Authorization by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHPRA) to manufacture GMP probiotics as investigative medicinal products for use in clinical trials
  • European Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP) certifications

Quality Control

For Proven Quality, Purity and Potency on Label Claims

Rigorous manufacturing standards are instituted from start to finish, utilizing ingredients sourced from trusted global industry-leading suppliers, and avoiding unnecessary agents in order to meet the needs of physicians treating patients with chemical and allergen sensitivities. These standards include:

  • Triple checking: Each and every one of our products is tested a minimum of three times – first as a raw material, second during the manufacturing process, and finally as a finished product.
  • Independent testing: validates the quality, stability, potency and purity of the products from manufacturing to preparation, bottling and storage. Objectivity is ensured during testing by contracting government-approved and/or accredited independent laboratories. These testing laboratories employ some of the most precise equipment and analytical methods available in the market to validate the safety and efficacy of the products.
  • Global supplier qualification program: We evaluate the documentation and standard operating procedures of each supplier to confirm that proper quality systems are in place before any raw material is used in manufacturing, and final products are handled appropriately through manufacturing quality controls. We also perform on-site audits to further ensure that suppliers comply with our strict quality control standards.

Specialty Formulas for a Variety of Needs

When you see these symbols, you can be confident that no dairy, gluten or soy allergens are included in the formula. You will also know if the formula is non-GMO, FOS-free and/or appropriate for vegans or vegetarians.


Product ingredients are non-GMO. High-risk ingredients have been tested for the presence of genetically modified materials.


Guaranteed to not include any gluten protein, modified gluten protein, or hybridized strain protein from barley, oats, rye, triticale, wheat, kamut or spelt.

Dairy Free

Guaranteed to contain no lactose, milk or milk derivatives including milk protein.


Guaranteed to contain no fructooligosaccharides (FOS).

Vegan Formula

Guaranteed to contain no animal, dairy or egg products or derivatives from animal, dairy or eggs.

Vegetarian Formula

Guaranteed to contain no animal products or derivatives from animals.