Discontinued Products

SKUProduct NameReplacement SKUReplacement Product Name
ALE1/ALE6 Aller-Essentials 60's and 120's ALE21/ALE26
AGP6 Alpha Lipoic Acid with GlucoPhenol 60's AGP1
BB81/BB86 Billberry 80 mg BB11
BLC6 Black Cohosh 2.5 60's BLC1
BR21/BR26 Bromelain 2400 250 mg BR51/BR56
CC9 Calcium (citrate) 90's CC1
CCM1 Calcium (citrate/malate) 180's CC1
CVD9 Calcium with Vitamin D3 90's CVD1
CKQ6 Cardiokinase w/ CoQ10 60's NS16
CRG21/CRG26 ChromeMate GTF
200 mcg
COF6 Cognitive Factors 60's COF1
CV1 CV Forte 120's HA1 or NDL6
SG1 Eleuthero 0.8% E&B 120's PG1/PG6
ESO2 EmulsiSorb Omega 22.5 ml EDL2
EDO2 EPA/DHA–CoQ10 liquid 200 mL EDL2 or EDQ1
EDLE2 EPA/DHA liquid enhanced 200 ml EDL2
GI6 Ginger extract 60's GI1
GLU1/GLU9 Glucomannan PLF3
GHC6 Glucosamine HCl 60's GHC1
GL9 Glycine 90's GL1
GP11/GP16 Grape Pip 100 mg GP51
GU2/GU9 Guggul extract CHP1 or NDL6
IP69 IP6 90's IP61
JSL Joint Support liquid
450 ml
GCMS3/2/1/6 or JC6/JC3
KSF1/KSF6 Kidney Support Formula No Suggested Replacement Available
LQN2 LiquiNutrients 230 ml PUBC9 or BCL1
LOG6 Lo-Glycemix 60's MX9
MSL3 MentalSharp liquid 30 ml KP1/KP6 or DHU1/DHU6
MF9 Mineral 650® 90's MF1
MM9 Mineral 650® without copper & iron 90's MM1
MOC1 MotilCalm 180's MCU1 or

AHC6/AHC3 Myco-AHCC 60's and 30's MRS1/MRS6
MVC9 Nutrient 950® without iron 90's MVC3/MVC1
PP1/PP6 Pantethine/Policosanol PO21/PO26 or PA1/PA6
MP6 PhytoBalance 60's MP1
POM6 Pomegranate Plus 60's POM1
PBCH6 ProBasics Chocolate
570 g
PBFV5 ProBasics French Vanilla 555 g WBV4
PHP6 PureHeart® Probiotic 60's CHP1
PHPPB3 PureHeart® Pure Pack
30 packets
PSPPB3 PureSYNAPSE Pure Pack 30 packets NMPPB3
PWF1/ PWF6 PureWeigh-FM XT6 or SCP3/SCP1
PWFV6 PureWeigh® PREMEAL Beverage 664 g PLV6
RS1 Respiratory Support Complex 120's BWA1
RJ9 RevitalAge™ 90's RJU9
SA9 Satiet-ease 90's RL1/RL6
SZ1 SerratioZymes-AR 180's SYC1
SYC3/9 Systemic Enzyme Complex 360's and 90's SYC1
TRM6 Trace Minerals 60's TRM26
LT9 l-Tyrosine 90's LT59