Webinar recording: Cognitive Health: Mental Deterioration or Just Brain Fog?, March 8, 2023 (please scroll down to access the recording)

Cognitive Health: Mental Deterioration or Just Brain Fog?
Wednesday, March 8, 2023

We all experience brain fog and decreased concentration from time to time and for some its frequency can feel like the early stages of mental deterioration. When should we worry that there is really something is wrong? Is it simply stress, or could it be something more sinister such as early dementia?

There are many causes of brain fog such as hormonal changes, acute or chronic stress, lack of sleep, inflammation or aging, and the impact of all these factors is profoundly affected by individual genetics. With the main differentiating factor between brain fog and cognitive regression being a shift in functional behavior and memory, identifying risk factors, causes and symptoms is essential.

In this lecture you will learn how to differentiate between simple mental clouding and cognitive decline. You will discover the main variables that affect memory, concentration, and processing. You will gain knowledge of the genetic variables that affect sensitivity to these factors and determine predisposition to brain fog and mental deterioration. Finally, you will learn how to mitigate causative variables, maximize brain health, and slow the aging of neural pathways. Several case studies will be used to illustrate how to differentiate types of cognitive dysfunction and its varying causes such that correct therapeutics may be employed.

Key learning highlights:
  • Learn the main actionable variables that contribute to decreased focus and brain fog
  • Learn the major differentiating variables that distinguish brain fog and decreased focus from disease processes such as Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Learn which genetic SNPs have a major impact on the initiation and progression of mental decline
  • Learn how to interpret and treat each individual SNP using natural supplementation, diet, and lifestyle variables
  • Several case studies will be presented showing how genetics allows us to more accurately identify the root cause of the multiple variables that contribute to brain fog and neural decline and how to best treat them to protect and stimulate a healthy brain as we age

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