Webinar recording: Functional Immunology: Unravelling Inflammatory and Autoimmune Dysfunction, Part 2 of 2, November 1, 2023 (please scroll down to access the recording)

Presenter Dr. Sam Yanuck
Functional Immunology: Unravelling Inflammatory and Autoimmune Dysfunction
Part 2 of 2 - Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Immunological dysfunction is at the center of most chronic conditions. Dr. Samuel Yanuck, an expert in functional immunology, will address a new immunological paradigm supported by the most cutting research in his field. These new pathways must be explored in order to address immune system dysbalance, inflammation, and other chronic, degenerative health concerns. You will emerge energized with a new set of case-mapping skills that identify what's transpiring in your patients' state of immunological disruption. The session will wrap-up with cases intended to leave hcp's with a clear path of how to apply this knowledge and tools into daily practice.

Key learning highlights:
  • Autoimmunity –“ key clinical navigation points mapped out with emphasis on Th2 & Th17 pathways
  • Cellular and Humoral Immunity –“ clinically relevant information with emphasis on management and support
  • T Cell Polarization –“ high-leverage clinical applications demystified
  • Case Mapping –“ core elements of the clinical map for autoimmune support to understand the complexities and process involved, and the expertise required to navigate effective case management

Dr Yanuck will present a remarkable webinar series full of learning and relevant case presentations addressing key clinical objectives at the core of clinical practice today.

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