Webinar: Using Genetics to Differentiate True Allergies from Other Immune Imbalances, April 10, 2024

Using Genetics to Differentiate True Allergies from Other Immune Imbalances
Wednesday, April 10, 2024

The incidence of allergies is on the rise with stress and viral load acting as exacerbating factors in the past few years. There is clear evidence to support the concept that allergies are influenced by genetic predisposition and environmental exposure. However, what presents as an “allergic reaction” may in fact be a histamine response driven by other factors, such as stress, leaky gut, or dysbiosis. In reviewing eight unique cases, Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed will show how genetics can help identify the root cause(s) and develop targeted protocols that lead to more optimal outcomes.

Key learning highlights:
  • How leaky gut and imbalances in the microbiome influence the immune response
  • Which strains of probiotics are backed by research showing safety and efficacy for reducing the incidence of allergies in infants
  • Which SNPs are involved in stimulating mast cells, and what are the corresponding strategies to restore immune balance
Continuing Education Credits
  • Eligible for 1.5 CONO Category B Credits (ON)
  • Eligible for 1.5 CNPBC Category C CE hours (BC)
  • Eligible for 1.5 credits (AB)
  • Eligible for 1.5 MNA Category B Hours (MB)
  • 1.5 SANP Category C Hours (SK)
  • 1.5 ANAQ Hours (QC)

A .pdf file will be emailed prior to the live webinar.