Webinar: Women’s Health: Nutrition, Hormones and Skin, September 27, 2023

Women's Health: Nutrition, Hormones and Skin
Wednesday, September 27, 2023

There is no –one-size fits all– approach to dewy radiant skin and a voluminous head of shinny hair as they require physiologic levels of hormones to be optimally healthy. Understanding the mechanisms by which various hormones contribute to the health of skin and hair facilitates the development of therapeutic strategies, when needed. Maintaining hormonal health is a challenge, due to changes in food production and nutritional deficiencies, inconsistent eating habits, ubiquitous environmental toxicants, modified circadian rhythms, sedentary lifestyles, high levels of stress, and rising rates of obesity and mood disorders.

In this session the basics of how hormones impact hair and skin will be reviewed, followed by an easy to implement treatment plan involving laboratory evaluations and measurements, including cortisol, thyroid, estradiol, testosterone, progesterone, pregnenolone, prolactin, DHEAS, and the sex hormone binding globulin. Such testing will establish hormonal imbalances, which can be followed by lifestyle changes and targeted supplementation, re-establishing optimal hormonal production, reducing inflammation, and improving nutrient stores, thereby supporting healthy skin and hair.

Continuing Education Credits
  • Eligible for 1.5 CONO Category B Credits (ON)
  • Eligible for 1.5 CNPBC Category C CE hours (BC)
  • Eligible for 1.5 credits (AB)
  • Eligible for 1.5 MNA Category B Hours (MB)
  • 1.5 SANP Category C Hours (SK)
  • 1.5 ANAQ Hours (QC)

A .pdf file will be emailed prior to the live webinar.